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鈿狅笍 Newsletter on hiatus - I still recommend domains to develop on Twitter - you can follow me here: @searchbound

鉀忥笍 Use a premium [.com] domain name as inspiration for your next project.

I monitor over 500,000 expiring domains each week, and showcase my personal favorites in each newsletter. Recommendations are typically generic, descriptive .com's.

I also highlight joint-venture opportunities & private inventory from legacy domainers.

Who am I ?
I'm this guy. The domain name bug bit me 15 years ago, and instead of buying domains to flip for profit, I prefer buying & building, and using generic, descriptive names as the impetus for each project.

Nowadays, I've got a full-plate, but being a domainer, I continue to surface other .com domains with development potential. I can't buy & build them all - hence a happy newsletter sharing the overflow.

Below are some domains I've cherry-picked & purchased over the years, with a development focus :

  • BirthdayParties.com

  • RanchWork.com

  • DudeRanch.com (sold)

  • Brevard.com (sold)

  • Ziplines.com (sold)

  • VidaliaOnions.com

  • CoolJobs.com

  • AppalachianTrail.com (sold)

  • BearSpray.com (sold)

  • RowanOak.com (donated)

. . . plus some other expiring domains I've surfaced over the years, but failed to win at auction :

  • Napkin.com

  • Robe.com

  • Ribbit.com

  • Unsubscribe.com

  • GoCarts.com

  • FlashCards.com

  • ElectricBlankets.com

  • MoodRing.com

  • PersianRugs.com

  • PopGun.com

  • HummingbirdFeeders.com

  • TennisCamp.com

  • Geode.com

  • Trumpet.com

  • AloeVera.com

  • BattingCage.com

  • GroceryBags.com

  • BridgeLoan.com

Now, will all domains in each newsletter match the quality above? Prob not. But sometimes yes. And when it's a yes, it's a big Yes. This is a game of patience. I don't dictate what domains expire. I just scrub the list cause I'm a domain addicted derelict.

There's no cost ~ unsubscribe anytime. Sometimes the newsletter ship once a week - sometimes they ship once a month. All determined by expiry inventory & legacy domain offers.

You can also read more on my development philosophy here .

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